Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need a good start


Two days has left since the new semester has started.I'm managed to arrange my academic schedule a.k.a class schedule accordingly.Alhamdulillah.Guess what.I'll be having no class every Tuesday and Wednesday.But that doesn't mean I can hang around or watching movies or doing other leisure stuffs.I need to concentrate on my dissertation.

Today,after subuh prayer and a small recitation of Al-Quran,I went to the sport complex and played table-tennis with one of my roommate.Plus,I managed to jog 1.6km in 5 minutes.Hehehe.A good achievement for me.

Went back to the room and prepared myself with few things because I'll be meeting my supervisor after Zuhur prayer.Around 12pm,went out to Giant and bought a new white board.I need to jot down few important dates on it as a reminder.

After zuhur,went to the faculty and met my supervisor.(suddenly feel like wanna cry.Isk3..).Quite tough this semester! I need to submit my dissertation on 23rd March 2011.It means I only have less than 3 months to complete my research.I asked my supervisor whether there would be possibility for the submission date to be extended.Oh no! the date is fixed! No tolerance!

And I need to do some minor changes with my topic.Aaa..My life is falling apart!And somehow I felt like I'm not capable and not competent to carry out this research..Ya Allah..I need a good start and help from Allah..

After Asar,I went out with my friend to Kepong metropolitan park just to release my stress.Aaa..Looking at the kites really made me feel a bit released.I sat on the deck which is floating on the lake and waiting for the sunset.Subhanallah..what a release.

Oh,we went to the park by riding this kind of bike.Not really this one but more likely.(tetiba teringat cerita wild jugak riding thousand miles and enjoy the scenery..Need to list down as one of my wish!)

this one is yamaha.The one we ride was Honda.Vulcan ke?

Night,I went to meet my sahabats.(plural.hehe)We discussed on many things.Programs for this semester etc.

So...Now I just need a good start to ensure the whole semester going smoothly.Balancing the academic,Da'wah and Tarbiyyah. You can do it!!


mitaUMARu said...

u can do it!

ex-presiden jc said...

Suddenly after read some words,
I feel missing something...
yes. i've graduated. and I really missed my old days. hopefully I still can meet my sahabat - NMJ, Siddiqi jr, Safwan, and several others somewhere sometimes.

P/s: shbt2 HSUIAM takde wat jaulah bermotosikal ke?

ukur kira said...

Insha Allah..Please pray for me.

@ex presiden jc:
congratulation..u're now in the new phase of life i.e. working.

Yeah,missed u too.Haven't meet u for quite sometimes.

Jaulah bermotosikal?so far no.

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

InsyaAllah.... realistic and positive....