Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm not a doctor..
But I'm really eager to listen to the medical stories..

I've been infected with fever for the last few days.And it strokes me down for almost a week.-For sure I've missed my class.

I went to the university Health Center and received numbers of medicines which I didn't know their scientific name.

Why is that when I was sick (fever),every time I sleep I'll be having a weired dreams.It was kind half realistic and half not.

Usually once we wake up from sleep in a sudden situation,and later on continuing our sleep,it's difficult to continue/recall the dream from the sleep before we woke up just now.Am I right?

But it's totally different whenever someone in a fever.I kept on dreaming the same thing and even the sequence of the stories keep on rolling like a serial of dramas.Even after few times I opened my eyes the dreams keep on coming.

Sometimes I dreamed of I was standing near my room window(level 3.Alhamdulillah tak terjun) and few minutes later it turned out to be was like 'separa sedar'

Is the fever have anything to do with the mind?Are those who have fever are actually insane?

Allah has created human's brain with complexity.None of HIS creatures could produce as what has been created.To understand something scientific is one thing.And to understand something artistic is another thing..

incorporating artistic point of view into scientific perspective sounds interesting.!!


insane mood = fever + assignments + research + presentations etc = me..

*Tomorrow evening will be having a presentation.I'll be presenting with my 'sexy' voice.I've been coughing since last week and I'm barely having my original voice now.


Anonymous said...

الله خير حافظ =)

Atiqah said...

drink lots of plain water...take orange juice..dont eat oily food..and always think will help to reduce the pain..insyaAllah..

ukur kira said...

how should i reply?I only know lil bit Arabic.Anyway,tq maybe?

Terima kasih.
Plain water...(ok)
orange jiuce...(payah nk cari la pulak.Ada pun yg sejuk.batuk pulak)
Don't eat oily food...(Aa..akan cuba.difficult to find non oily food here.huhu)
Think positive...(yup)
Pain reduced?...(a lil bit,Alhamdulillah)