Monday, December 6, 2010

the more i read,the less i didn't know a thing..


As usual,as I entered the office in the morning I will look for the newspaper.And of course,The Star is my favourite one.

Today I learnt a new word from the newspaper.In one of the world's section news stated that there was a massive delayed in flight in Madrid,Spain.It was due to wildcats.The city was in alarmed and troops was in charged by the ordered of the government,if i'm not mistaken.

At first glance i was quite shocked!Wow,were the wildcats in the forests somehow came out and making chaos?I couldn't see any pictures as they only showed pictures inside the airport where people were queuing to refund their tickets.-delay flights.

But the 'wildcats' seems didn't linked withe the story.I read it twice and still kindda blur.Well,i admit i'm still weak in English especially in terms of vocabs,grammar etc.

I decided to opened the dictionary from my laptop (i hav a very useful dictionary in my laptop i.e. "i finger").I typed it down the word wildcats in notepad and double clicked the word and the meaning appeared.

So,this post i would like to share the meaning of wildcats apart from its literal meaning i.e. a small native Eurasian and African cat that is typically grey with black markings and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity.

-Wildcats:an exploratory oil well.
-it's an adjective [attrib.] (of a strike)
-sudden and unofficial
-e.g. of sentence:legislation to curb wildcat strikes.

Wallahu'alam.. the name of Allah~


Atiqah said...

thanks for the new vocab..i learn something new too today...

ukur kira said...

no probs.
me is about continuous learning process.And it's ibadah once 'kena dgn caranya'

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