Thursday, December 16, 2010

conversation stopped!

NJ :'Re u going to xx wedding reception this coming february?

A : I'm not sure yet.If i'm free at that date,i'll attend.I'll be at Tampin at that time.

NJ : why u're going to Tampin?

A : Posting.

NJ : oo..Ok.

A : If we're able to attend, can I stay at your house?

NJ : If only we happen to go to my house.Quite far the distance from the majlis. 100km +

A : Oh..Eh NJ, I need to go now.Those moms who'll be deliver their babies are waiting for me in the hospital.

NJ : Erk??

The conversation (via YM)stopped on the dot...
Moga Allah rahmati dan kasihi nta wahai sahabatku yg ku kasihi kerana Allah..

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