Thursday, December 16, 2010

how you judge your level


Have you ever feel that you are good enough in the circle of your friends?As a matter of fact,I did.Of course it's a very dangerous infection in our heart if we feel satisfied with our own good deeds.

But are we really 'that good' among of our friends?Hmm..
As for me,I spend most of my time with my classmates and for those IIUM students,you should know how 'social' the KAEDians.

That is why,at one time I felt like I'm the best compared to the others in the faculty.(it was..Presently no..)

My dad used to say 'In the kingdom of the blinds,the one eyed man is the king'.Now I realized that i was comparing myself with the people who aren't exposed to the Tarbiyyah.And of course it is not comparing apple to an apple.

It's not comparing apple to an apple..

I should comparing myself with those who are in the Tarbiyyah Islamiyyah and working for the sake of Allah.Then I realized that I'm nobody except a tiny little notorious guy.

Yeah,looking at my sahabat,they are 1000 more good then me.And yet,I still didn't comparing myself with the Rasulullah companions whom are greater.

What I'm suppose to do now?If we wanted to improve ourselves,spend most of our time with the 'orang-orang soleh'.Their deeds will somehow encourage ourself to struggle to be a better person and achieving at least the same par with them.

However,it doesn't mean we have to abandon our 'friends'! As a Dai'e and Murobbi,the moment we meet our 'sahabat' is the time where we 'charge' our iman apart from meeting with Allah in our solat.

Wrapping up,what we should do once we have the feeling of 'ta'jub' with our own deeds ,we need to compare ourselves with the 'amalan orang-orang soleh'.Then only we know the level of ourselves.


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Hiromi Ichiban said...

Human are mortal. They should think to multiply their own 'amalan' rather than wasting time by comparing our deeds with other people.

I need someone who can guide me...