Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running towards graduation...

I'm running towards my graduation..But the more I think,the more confused i get.If i didn't think,how I'm going to climb the graduation mountain?

Final semester isn't that easy as i thought before.Aaa..This is only an undergraduate life..Be strong and stay focus.There is still another mountain to be climbed,Insha Allah.

-Final Year Undergrad mood-

Please pray for me...


saya said...

Salam. be strong.

bila kita ingat Allah, Allah akan ingat kita.


ukur kira said...


Insha Allah.thanks

Atiqah said...

i think final year and final semester was the best campus life ever in my life..with all the tensions, chasing the deadlines for thesis, assignments, another workloads for elective courses, there were all the sweetest memory ever u will treasure till the end of your life..insyaAllah u will be fine soon when u reach the final days in campus and by that time u will really miss ur campus and friends too, like what i had always when i was at home..
now i'm back to ukm, but things are different, the atmosphere, the people (though i still have the same lecturers) but everything is different now. enjoy...and dont get too stressful..

ukur kira said...

Yeah..Surely will b missed all the moments during the campus life.

Going back to the univ for the 2nd time (i mean for doing ur master)still cannot replacing the memory during the degree life right?Much more enjoyable before.Guess so..

All the best in ur master.