Sunday, December 26, 2010


Salam and Happy sunday.

Initially I wanted to continue sharing something I should shared it earlier in the previous post but seem like I've already forgot the topic and story.So,Just proceed it with the new one..Sorry,kinda miserable a bit.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you're a type of 'group approach' or 'individual approach'?Your sensitivity is more towards a group of people or towards individual?

I myself found out to be more towards individual.That is why I couldn't 'well behave' when I need to conduct a group of people.E.g.talking to the public,giving orders etc.

Because I really need to know a person 'in deep' before everything else.Actually it's a credits for someone who have the 'individual sensitivity'.I might say it will helps you a lot in doing your Da'wah Fardhiyah.

Believe me,once you have this kind of heart,you'll know when and how to tackle your mad'us heart.

There was a question in a 'daurah' I've attended previously asking about when we should move from step one to the next steps in Da'wah Fardhiyyah. (I guess readers knew well about the Da'wah Fardhiyyah steps.Hence no need for me to elaborate it more)

Personally,I would say it is your friend (i.e your mad'u) and you should know him/her better.When to move to the next steps depends on how sensitive your heart towards your mad'u achievements.

You can't simply being rigid to the book and procedures.Da'wah is about calling people to Allah and it is really a tough job and time consuming.Different people might have different period of time in moving to different level.

I admit,I have lot of friends whom I could see their potential in being a good muslims and could contribute somthing to Islam in the future.Some of them I could easily called and join my usrah.Some of them,I still need lot of observations.Still need to settle down their individual problems or in other words establish a good relationship for the sake of Allah.

If our heart is what I called more towards 'individual approach',you might know how and when the best time to call your friends.

I'm having friends whom I knew them since matriculation centre.Some of them I managed to call them to participate in 'General program',some of them has already in usrah,some of them still trying to 'membina hubungan hati'.I love them for the sake of Allah and wish one day they'll be on 'this path'.

Unlike those who are group centric,they are more towards calling a group of people to Islam by organizing programs etc.I'm not towards that as it'll be difficult for me to follow up my mad'u.Once the program ended,It's hard to meet again and you'll be having new participants for the next program.

I'm not saying this approach is wrong.It is just the matter of I'm not towards it.I'm kinda towards 'personal touch'.I love observing individual behavior etc.

Insha Allah as long as we are working on the path of Allah,there are rewards for it.It is only the matter of how we do it.

Wallahu'alam.-Again those who interested in doing da'wah through 'personal touch' can read a book by Abbas As-Sissiy,Bagaimana Menyentuh Hati;Kiat-kiat memikat objek Da'wah.

Arghh..Please don't think I'm good enough with all thiese sort of things.I'm still trying to improve myself.

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