Monday, December 13, 2010

Sekolah !!!


Alhamdulillah,berkat doa dan usaha (yang tak seberapa) serta dengan bantuan-bantuan serta doa dari orang-orang tersayang,I've passed my 4th year 1st semester with kepelbagaian gred.Looking back at my exam result,it was awesome! Ada A,B and C pun ada..Huhu ( x pandai.Ada je gred B and C utk 'mencantikkan' exam result.)

Insha Allah I'm in my final semester now and need to struggle a bit harder to complete my course.Oh juga mahu menyiapkan dissertation yang makin make me feel 'give up'..Aduh..

So,today the school has started.My routine will keep on rolling as usual.Wake up,walking to the class,finish off my assignments etc..Hmm..

Btw,today wasn't a good start for me.If u're still remember,I'd made a 'prank' call to some of my friends last month if I'm not mistaken.Click here to read the entry.

And guess what?I've been pranked back this morning.Arghh!!
One of my friend called me and said that the HOD (head of department) wanted to meet me at 12pm and I need to bring along my 1st chapter of my dissertation.I'm a bit curious at the 1st place but the way my friend told me,she was kinda serious and I trusted her.

Suddenly she laugh and I could hear others were laughing too around her (indicating she wasn't alone making this prank call).Hampeh!

So,I don't want to 'pay back' by planning other 'pranking' to them.I wanted to change now.Be a bit serious,matured and soleh.Huhu.(and of course no more play boy.Am I?)

So,mari kita ke sekolah! 6 subjects this sem with 18 credit hours.

1)I've been thinking of changing my mahallah/residential college.Of course I've been offered to change it by the mahallah officers.Well,need to think it twice.

2)Sekarang tengah bercita-cita mahu menjadi seorang petani dan penternak.Or I could say, 'kerja-kerja kampung'.

3)Post kali ini tidak serious dan kurang bermanfaat.Sorry..


Syed Ahmad Fathi said...

Best lah main prank prank.

ukur kira said...


ia memang best terutama di kala tgh stress n nak so called 'happy2 sikit'.

Tapi tidak digalakkan utk diamalkan.Dah insaf..isk3..

Anonymous said...

tu la.. what goes round comes around..
see...kan da kena..
and now, people know that they can do pranks to u..
but, really curious who she is..
tahniah kat die!! ^^

luckily u only have 18 crdt hour... :'(

-cik ABC-