Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tariq Ramadhan


Years ago i was confused whether Said Ramadhan and Tariq Ramadhan are the same person or not.Yeah the word 'Ramadhan' somehow distracted my focus plus my ignorant for not trying to get to know them in details.In fact right now i'm not exactly know their biography from A to Z.

For those who inherited one of my previous attitudes i.e ignorance,i hope and pray we can change ourselves.But yet i'm still kindda make myself 'ignorant' under certain circumstances.E.g. I never care about football players name,what club are they playing with etc.Except for certain players.It same goes with the artists.Sometimes whenever people talk or the exact word is 'gossip'ing about artists,I somehow blurr and don't care much.Personally, I would say ignorant in that case is acceptable..Huhuhu.

Back to the topic,who is tariq ramadhan?

Believe it or not,he is the grandson of Imam Hasan Al Banna the founder of Ikhwanul Muslimin or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

He was born in Geneva Switzerland in the year 1962.Currently he is a Philosopher and an Islamic Scholar and he is also the Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at the Oxford University.

Well,to know more about him,you are advised to google up yourselves.I just give you a brief background of him.Insha Allah,after diligent searching,your level of ignorant will at least reduced a lil bit.

One of his famous quotes:

"We've got to get away from the idea that scholars in the Islamic world can do our thinking for us. We need to start thinking for ourselves.”


Let us start thinking....

*Oh I just realized his appearance in the Reviving The Islamic Spirit Conference last year if i'm not mistaken in California USA.He was one of the speakers.Those who have the opportunity to attend the annual conference are most welcome.This year would be held on this coming 25th December (winter break)at Toronto,Canada.

Don't miss it!!


Atiqah said...

just finish reading Cinta di Rumah hasan to know his children mentioned in the book..i should have read more about him including his widespread generation who continuously preaching dakwah..

ukur kira said...

I've read that book last year if i'm not mistaken.It's quite a good book.

Me too..need to find and read more about the muslim scholars around the world.