Sunday, December 26, 2010

to my big bro..

Happy working!
Although you've been working 7 days per week, as long as you enjoy it,it won't make you stress.

Even though you went back home from office around 5am in the morning and need to rush back to the office,don't be sad.just keep smiling.

That's it! You have choosed to be in construction field,then you'll have to face it.You'll earn something later on,Insha Allah.

Keep working and wait up for me..Hehehe


BAJETserendah said...

menarik la gamabr kucing tu...kem salam luqman

ukur kira said...

Tq..kucing tu mmg suka buat muka comel mcm ana..hehe

Insha Allah salam akan disampaikan..

LuQMaN M.J said...

i am waiting for you to join me with the other syeikh :)

ukur kira said...

insha Allah.I'm not really sure whether I'll b working in the construction industry or not.Seems like it doesn't fits me.

But really wanted to meet the two syeikhs.