Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm learning..

Salam and good afternoon.

Friday,I went to the Faculty's office with some of my friends and fill in the graduation form.(I've been expected to graduate this coming convocation,Insha Allah).Oh,how time flies..I was kinda feel it was just few days ago I registered as the 1st year university student,and today I'm already in my final year.

By the way, this is not what I'm going to share about.It is just a 'sway' introduction.Oh,before that (another unnecessary point to tell)I was about to curse some of the foreigners here yesterday.Can you imagine,I was walking on a pedestrian going back to my room when suddenly I stumbled on a 'herd' of foreigners who were gathering in the middle of pedestrian.About 10 of them and they were chatting and some of them were smoking.As I approaching the herd,they didn't moved an inch.Just ignoring my right to walk passing the route.

On both sides of the pedestrian are the grasses and biiznillah,yesterday was raining in the evening.So,you should expected how the soil conditions was.(muddy + wet grasses)

I couldn't passed through them as they were blocking the route.(Hello,final year student was about to walk men!Give him a space)

At last,I was the one who need to walk 'on the mud+wet grasses'.For sure,my sandal,feet and the bottom of my pants were totally wet.

Arghh!!-Trying to think positive.Allah has sent them to test me.To test my patience and tolerance.

Ooo you foreigners,with all due respect,I hope all of you will behave wisely.This is Malaysia and please respect our society.Don't ever bring along all your 'bad habits' here,otherwise people starts cursing and praying something bad for you.

Now,I have no more mood to share the thing I'm supposedly shared earlier on.Maybe next time.The memories just killed my mood..

*I hope those Malaysians who study aboard are behaving well.We Malaysians (especially Muslims)have manners and we need to reflect it by our daily behavior.



deli said...

sabar nabil, dugaan tu, tp x bleh blah "budak final year nak lalu", hahaha

ukur kira said...

Hehe.Well,biasala kita kan dah final year.Dia ada rasa 'ego' skit di situ..(nilai yg tidak baik dan tidak patut ada.huhu)

Anonymous said...

patutnye, brenti kat situ, then azan kuat2...
tak pun, bace yassin... :P

-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@ cik ABC:
Ape pulak?Tak pasal2 diaorang kata saya gila.Tetiba azan.

Baca yassin.Ok gak..Budget mcm ada mayat la dpn tu..

Tak pa..Berlapang dada dan bersabar..IAllah pahala dapat.

Anonymous said...

hehehe... azan la utk bagi dieorg notice that u r there.. lg nice rather then said, "hey! ur senior wanna lalu.." tol tak?, next time, bace yassin yerp..

bgs! berlapang dada lah... dapt pahala n dpt jauhkan dr sakit jantung (ni bkn joke ye, tp bebetol)

-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:

Azan?I'm still coughing now..No voice.

Better to say this,"Hey move aside!Final sem student a.k.a senior wants to cross!"

Anonymous said...

owh... lupe pule tade suare..

ish2.. kalo itu yg awk ckp, hilang la down to earth tu ha...

-cik ABC-