Friday, December 24, 2010

our education system

Again,before I start writing this post,just to say it out loud that this is all based on my personal opinion.It happens from my personal experience and observation.Nothing more than that.This is not an academic journal or article hence you won't find any citations or scholars' quotations in it.And of course it might be argued and i really love to hear responds from readers.- hoping it would be like two ways communication rather than I'm mumbling all the way alone.Happy reading.

School..What do we expect from it?When I was in my primary school,I never thought anything else other than 'scoring the best marks' during the final exams.I never thought on how to improve my soft skills e.g public speaking etc. although I did join the public speaking competition (up to state level) and story telling competition.It wasn't my intention to join those things at the first place.Of course it was my teachers' 'push'.Well,did you expect a primary school students to think maturely like an adults?I don't think so. (only in certain cases it does happened)
Even in the class,we were not being exposed to the environment of 'giving presentation'.Our system is most likely 'exam oriented' rather than trying to enhance the soft skills.- I bet any primary school having the class presentation e.g. telling to the whole classmates what you have done during your school break,or likely bringing your pet to the school and telling the story about it.

Again,it happened during my secondary school.Although the chances to polish the soft skills were much more to happen here compared during the primary school,it seems like it didn't really helps much.We're still lack in terms of soft skills.In fact some of the schools are acting like a mom i.e 'spoon feeding' the students.

I realized the consequences of the system only after I managed to attend the college/university.I myself didn't have the courage to voice out my opinions inside the class.As a matter of fact,it isn't about me alone.I could see almost 99% of my classmates are having the same problem.

We can't even managed to express our thought clearly during presentations.And of course presentations would be kind of 'night mares' to some of the students.

We are having lack of self confidence,didn't know how to express ourselves exactly at a right place etc.And yet,we are still having this kind of mentality i.e. exam oriented.- How to tackle the questions etc. rather that understanding the whole concepts.

As I watching the English movies,sometimes I do impressed with their education system.As early as the kindergarten level,they are exposed to 'how to communicate to the public',or in other words eliminating the inferiority complex in oneself.Apart from doing all those colourings,paintings they will conduct other interesting activities which not only enjoyable but also instilling self confidence. (You'll find sometimes students need to bring along their pets to the kindergarten and present about it)

Even during the primary school,they'll be having a session called 'the field trip'.It's not a standard 6 trip to KL like we used to have after the UPSR.It's likely to be an annual trip or twice a year.Students even sometimes need to present to the class later on on what they had gained from the field trip.Again it is about soft skills.

Sometimes students also need to present to the class on the activities they had done during the school break.And friends are welcome to ask any questions during the 'story telling' session.

So,it wouldn't be that surprise if we could see they're being out loud in class during in the college.Brave enough to participate in class in the real sense.Having the courage to give their opinion/answer to the class although ti might be wrong.

Looking at a smaller scale (if the whole class is defined as a larger scale),we can't even 'well behave' in small discussion group.

Sometimes it really make me think,why is that we (as Malaysians) are so passive compared to the westerns?

Is it because of our educational system?or it is about our genetic?
Or we are having 'pantang-larang' made by our 'orang-orang tua' which teaches us to keep on silent rather than speak it out loud?

Maybe it is our customs (Malay adat) not to be active because it will 'destroy' your reputation. (e.g. girls are not good to talk much.No men would marry you later it?)

Or it is our self problem?if that so,why is that this problem happening to many individuals?My instinct feels like it is a combination of educational system,the way we were raised up in our family and some self problem..

What do you think the main source?Who is to be blamed?


-Sorry,just a short post before going to class.Just write it up in about 10 minutes and no time to read it twice for grammatical checking etc before posting it.And don't want to save it as draft.Just post it..!!

Let us ponder upon!


Amin Misran said...

I have the same views...

I learned soft skills outside the school walls...

But we can't simply change the education system...

We have to learn to adapt the chances and apply, observe and learn...

I myself is more mesmerized by western islamic scholars rather than in malaysia..

But the question is, how to adapt the situation?

ukur kira said...

Yeah.We can't simply change the edu system.

Our education system in Malaysia is more towards 'political agenda'.

Hmm..How to adapt the situation?