Friday, December 3, 2010

My wish....


Suddenly I have a wish..Weired eh?Not really a desperate one,but if my wish granted,it would be better.

I wish to have this book for my reading hobby.Perhaps those stalkers or my secret admirers who intended to give me this book for my birthday (early next year actually..January)is most welcome.

Title: Levent; Splendour And Catastrophe On The Mediterranean
Author: Philip Mansel
Publisher: John Murray

Short description:
Levant is a book of cities. It describes three former centers of great wealth, pleasure, and freedom—Smyrna, Alexandria, and Beirut—cities of the Levant region along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. In these key ports at the crossroads of East and West, against all expectations, cosmopolitanism and nationalism flourished simultaneously. People freely switched identities and languages, released from the prisons of religion and nationality. Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived and worshipped as neighbors.

Distinguished historian Philip Mansel is the first to recount the colorful, contradictory histories of Smyrna, Alexandria, and Beirut in the modern age. He begins in the early days of the French alliance with the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century and continues through the cities' mid-twentieth-century fates: Smyrna burned; Alexandria Egyptianized; Beirut lacerated by civil war.

Mansel looks back to discern what these remarkable Levantine cities were like, how they differed from other cities, why they shone forth as cultural beacons. He also embarks on a quest: to discover whether, as often claimed, these cities were truly cosmopolitan, possessing the elixir of coexistence between Muslims, Christians, and Jews for which the world yearns. Or, below the glittering surface, were they volcanoes waiting to erupt, as the catastrophes of the twentieth century suggest? In the pages of the past, Mansel finds important messages for the fractured world of today.

About the Author:
Philip Mansel is a historian of France and the Ottoman Empire. His publications include histories of Constantinople and nineteenth-century Paris, as well as biographies of Louis XVIII and the Prince de Ligne. While writing Levant, he lived in Beirut and Istanbul.

Tq for your concern.. =)


Atiqah said...

very interesting..i should get one for myself too..

book as birthday present is always my favourite surprise..i too am not wishing for expensive gadgets or cute it best to have books as my birthday present..hehe

ukur kira said...

Books books words to describe the passion of reading..

Mohd Jamil said...

Your wish granted,get the book and I'll pay for it. Addition to my favourite,Road to Mecca by Muhammad Assad...Dad

ukur kira said...

Thank you v.much.I've read half way the book i.e. Road to Mecca by Muhammad Assad when I was at home during my semester break.

Insha Allah will continue reading it.
Tq for ur sponsorship.